Adapt, Overcome, Achieve

Andrew Corkery

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Action Aid Brand Video Pitch

Researched, Co-wrote, Edited, Produced and Voiced this brand content video, for the UK non profit organization Action Aid. I  made this video in collaboration with the company I worked for in London called Coast, who specializes in creating brand content for all screen media.

This production was done as a pitch piece to develop key brand messaging principles, evoking emotion and further online traction; in order to create public awareness and increase activism regarding the issue of offshore banking in Africa by Barclays.

COAST - "Brand Content Production Reel"

After producing the "Action Aid Brand Pitch Video" I had the opportunity to work as the Lead Editor for Coast's entire reel which consists of brand content that goes as far back 2003 and up to current day. As part of this production, I along with my colleagues compiled an array of distinctive shots that encompass the varying and compelling forms of content Coast has been a part of producing over the years. The brands showcased in this video reel consist of Canon, Sony, HSBC, Toyota, Clean and Clear, Johnson and Johnson, Visit Scotland, Paul Smith, Johnnie Walker, 02 Health, Cancer Research and more.

The Final Version of this Video Reel once in full HD will be used by the company as one way of demonstrating Coast's track record, and unique proven approach in branded content development and production.

Canon PIXMA Tutorial

I was Assistant Editor during post production of this Canon PIXMA Tutorial, while at Coast in London. A video aimed at showcasing the features and benefits of using Canon's new state of the art cloud printer. In addition the tutorial gave those who are owners of the product, a first hand experiential, step by step look into how the product functions.

The Science Channel's - "Memory Games"

Last March I had the opportunity to be a Junior Video Shooter for this yearly program made by Sharp Entertainment. The project brings together a massively talented and experienced television crew of over 70 people, utilizing more then 30 cameras. Everyone teams up collectively to make for a truly collaborative and holistic work environment.  

Memory Games in an annual competition held in New York City where trained mental athletes from around the country compete in various challenging competitions  to determine who can remember the most, and who will be crowned that years Memory World ChampionThe company is also responsible for the creation, development and production for hit TV shows such as, Man VS Food, Toy Hunter, and The Fabulous Life.

PSA for Attitudes in Reverse "A Mind on the Brink" 

A Public Service Announcement I was commissioned to create on behalf of "Attitudes in Reverse" (A.I.R) a non profit organization focused on raising metal health awareness.  Their mission is to show people that everyone should be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding, no matter what illness they may have.

The video aims at emotionally conveying to the a audience the central message of (A.I.R). We all play a role in one another's well being every day. It is easy for someone to run through their thoughts over and over again ultimately feeling marginalized by everyone they know. We must each take actions to reach out to those we see struggling, who need to hear a voice of reason and support.

Anti Smoking PSA

This is a video I put together for a Television Production class. The views represented and rhetoric used in this PSA do not represent my own views on smoking. This was made with the intention of creating a engaging PSA for people to watch. The wording in this video is very harsh but the styling is said to be innovative by professors and fellow classmates at Rider University. 

HEBE Music Mini Doc- "A Venue of Locals" 

A documentary I Shot, Produced, Directed and Edited which provides a quick look into the determination, passion, and innovative entrepreneurial spirt it takes to make a unique local music venue, start up and stay a float. It brings to life the vibe of being a part of an emerging music scene, along with depicting the genuine nature of characters that are, lively, interesting, and authentic to who they are.

Citizens Serving The Homeless Promotional Documentary

 Below are the 7 minute short and the full length 30 minute Documentary versions of  "Our Homeless Neighbors" that I Directed, Produced, and Edited for the Non profit Organization Citizens Serving The Homeless. The video is meant to show those in Burlington County and the Surrounding area the systemic homeless problem within the county itself. The goal is to bring people together in order to galvanize individuals, members of businesses, government, policy makers, and faith organizations to help contribute to a holistic solution to this ongoing critical issue in Burlington County New Jersey. 

More information on Citizens Serving The Homeless can be found here:

"Sandy Eyes" Official Music Video

A music video I developed the concept for, including everything from the lighting, shots selection, various character movements, amongst other details. In addition I Directed and Produced the video which included a crew of over twelve people, and while during post production process, was the Assistant Editor.

Shadowplay is a band that I am one of the founding members of. The group has been touring regionally and nationally for the past two and half a years.  This song  "Sandy Eyes" is dedicated to all of those affected by the storm Hurricane Sandy, and all the funds raised from the sale of the song go directly to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.


Shadowplay Live at Hebe Music

The following are some examples of Live Production that I have taken part in. For ever show my band Shadowplay preforms at we always bring along our Videographer Dave Leherbaum. After every show I either help him edit together the recorded live performance or I edit together the video myself. Here are just a couple of examples of videos that I have either helped in editing of or have in fact edited myself, for Shadowplay's online youtube channel, and digital media outlets.

Shadowplay Live at Six Flags

Malayalam Television

These are some examples of my video and television production work, that I have done for the cable and online channel Malayalam Televsion. I work for them as a part time Video Editor and Camera Operator at Live Events, Interviews, Sitcoms, and more. Malayalam Television USA is the first regional channel started by Pravasi Malayalees aired from US. Malayalam Television USA covers news and events exclusively in North America. The channel broadcasting is in the South Indian language of Malayalam, widely spoken in the Indian state of Kerala, some regions of Tamil Nadu, other South Indian states and among Malayalee expatriates across the globe. My job with the station is basically to go out and conduct professional video shoots of what ever content they need shot for the channel.

More information on Malayalm Television can be found here:

The following two videos below are a previews of the interviews that I did the camera, audio, and lighting work for, in the channels studio located in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Malayalam Television Sitcom "Green Card"

A preview of is one of the stations most watched Sitcoms that I am the lead technical producer for. I work to translate the directors coordinated hand motions, signals, and gestures on set of the sitcom shot, to produce the proper camera angles and shots that the directors have planned prior to shooting episode. In addition I also conduct and handle full responsibility for the appropriate arrangement of HD cameras, tripods, three point lighting systems, wired and wireless audio interfaces. 

Malayalam Televsion Live Events

A promotional preview for a live event that I was the technical producer for.