Adapt, Overcome, Achieve

Andrew Corkery

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The follow designs shown below are examples of work that I have done both in my publication design class, and some small buisness clients. I used industry standard programs such as indesign and photoshop when creating the different designs.

This is a company brochure that I was hired to create and designed using InDesign, for a local buisness Amelie's French Bakery.

Below is an advertisment flyer that I was assigned to make, while I was taking a Publication Design Class at Rider Universtiy.

This is a flyer that I was hired to make for a Hallowen Party for one of my clients out in Chicago, Demenzo's Bar and Grill.

This flyer was an advertisment design project that I was assigned to create for a ficional concert series, while taking in a Publication Design Class. 

During my time in Publication Design course at Rider Univery for my final project I was instructed to design and create a News letter to outline the information for a buisness. I chose to make a newsletter on a buisness I happen to know quite personal and thats my band Shadowplay. This outlines our bio, debut album release information, press, meeting the band, future outlook and more. There is not actual text in this newsletter, its all place holder text for now until our bands writter finishes writting the articles needed.