Adapt, Overcome, Achieve

Andrew Corkery

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         My band is a big part of who I am. Singing and networking within the context of my band Shadowplay is how I first started becoming creative. It is where I began to build and cultivate relationships and learned how to foster new connections with others. We have been playing music for over six years now, and we just keep moving along becoming more well known as time goes on, each and every day. We have started and articulated a marketing strategy that focuses on creating a "global music conversation" that is facilitated by having our fans create street teams for Shadowplay all around the globe. We look at our band not so much as a product, but more or less as a grass roots organization that is brought to prominence by the power of the people who support it. Shadowplay currently has 93 street teams all over the globe that help spread the music of Shadowplay through a variety of promotional proceeders and methodologies. Whether it be through the internet and social media, physical music and promotion, distribution, radio requests, radio campaigning, or even word of mouth, our goal with Shadowplay from the onset is to play the music we love which is created through a cohesive collaborative effort of all five band members. The music produced through these means will then be spread to others who find they enjoy it, not by showing them a product, but rather through generating and facilitating a global music conversation on the band itself. Advertising is very broad and general from our stand point and does not make an impact. People are bombarded by advertising on a daily bases in every facet of life, becoming desensitized. What connects people to one another is communication. Without it we become detached from what is happening all around us. What catches peoples attention the most is personal dialog and conversation between one another. We want that conversation to be about Shadowplay.

Front Cover of Shadowplay's debut Album Visions

Back Pannle of the CD for Shadowplay's debut album "Visions" 


Album  For Release:  "VISIONS”

Shadowplay (Mount Laurel / New Jersey)

Genre: Rock / Hard Rock / Alternative

Sounds like: Cage The Elephant / Black Keys/ Foo Fighters/ Led Zepplin/ Soundgarden/ Radiohead/

Full Length Album (11 Tracks)

October 2012

1. Overture

2. Dystopia

3.  The End of All Things

4.  Dark Hour

5.  The Devils Own

6.  Like a Phoenix

7.  Autumn Sky

8.  Clock Tower

9.  Pulse

10.  Aspirations

11.  Ides of March

"Shadowplay" with their original rock sound has been moving fans and performing with the energy needed to climb their way to the top for over six years now, and they just keep getting better. Throughout the independent rock industry they are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Unlike so many other rock bands out there with dreams of becoming rock stars overnight, these boys are living proof that great music mixed with hard work does pay off. "Shadowplay" is living their dreams one day, one show at a time and they know what it takes to succeed.

Bringing the "Shadowplay" message and music full force both on stage and off always keeps Shadowplay's fans coming back for more. Their word of mouth fan base is incredible, show after show. The band always keeping their fans involved.

When the full force of Shadowplay's impact on the rock scene takes form, it will be no surprise. If you haven’t experienced "Shadowplay" yet, take a listen, chat with the band and see what everyone's talking about. You can become part of the globe music conversation on Shadowplay!  For them success is not just a dream but a reality.

"This band sounds like they are signed to a major label...They are so talented the total package. The look, the sound, their style...Everything to make them the next big thing in rock music today..Everyone needs to know about "Shadowplay".. 

Henry K - The Real Radio Show (Live in Time Square NYC)

"These determined musicians are headstrong and quickly networking their way to success. With a throwback sound, they have the potential to capture generations of music lovers. “Rock. It’s what we do,” according to their Facebook is an accurate description of the band made up of Corkery on vocals, Holden on lead guitar, John Sellers on bass/piano/guitar, Ed Flynn on guitar/bass, and Tim Bear on backup vocals/drums.”

Meredith Stalker - Project Backstage

“Shadowplay" is a band for everyone because it combines catchy music with meaningful lyrics and they are all around fun. Their style is classic with a new modern rock twist and they have been working hard for years. Check them out and join them on the road to their dreams. Visit the following sites, the facebook makes it really easy to listen to their songs by viewing their band profile. My personal favorite is Autumn Sky.”

Kristýna Bro┼żová - Musician's United


  Contact : "Shadowplay"

 [email protected]




Every band strives for that timeless hit. That track, or tracks, that will last longer than a fad, but for an endless period of time. Some come close, or have one track that fits the mold. With “Visions”, the New Jersey rockers Shadowplay have managed to put together a collection of timeless hits. With elements of classic rock from the 60′s and 70′s, modern styles of the 80′s and 90′s and exuberance and youth of the 21st century, these young artists have got something all should be aware of. A sound that can easily live in any of the rock eras stated.

Visions has a collection of songs that vary in styles and realms of rock music. But have a core that can truly only be called Shadowplay music. With feeling and emotion driven lyrics. front-man Andrew Corkery exudes rock star with his stage presence while belting out such tracks like “Dark Hour” and “Like a Phoenix”. With a style that is much more aged than his 20 years. With a sound reminiscent of Ian Astbury (The Cult) and a great range, he brings the listener into the journey each track tells a story of. With Phoenix Holden’s axe grinding out such masterful solos and riffs, twisting around the beat bass driven music of Tim Bear, John Sellers and Ed Flynn respectively. Together, all encompass the sound that makes Shadowplay sound so well beyond their years.

Though most of the tracks from “Visions” are much older than the album which debuted first from the bands website through free stream on Halloween 2012, thiscollection of songs is now ready to take on a life of their own as it is released as a whole. With much fanfare from around the world, each track has found a home inevery listener. Not set out as a concept album, each of the tracks seems to tell a story from each of the band members that may vary from one another. Set on by the dynamic of Shadowplay themselves, this collection of tracks is fitting for the band as a first release. It truly encompasses the sound the band wish to bring about as their own. With touches of familiarity, yet a new sound that can only be described as Shadowplay music. From the opening track Dystopia, as the albums introduction, to the finale of Ides of March, whether planned or not, Visions tells the story of Shadowplay the band. Adding in that timeless tag to the album, this band has arrived, and it’s Visions is only the first step.

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Radio Campaign

I work for the record label Romulus X Records where me and my partner Kenny Colgate organize and exicute radio campaigns for bands on the record label. These campaigns insure that the bands music will be playing on radio stations around the globe including, Commercial, College, Independent, and online radio. 

Here are the stations that are currently playing Shadowplay's music for their current radio campaign, the list is growing by the day.

Radio Interviews

Along with getting Shadowplay's music played on the radio with Romulus X Records we also set up Radio interviews. Here are just some of the Radio interviews Shadowplay has done thus far on various different radio stations around the globe.




Sonicbids Feature

Last year in March 2011 my band Shadowplay was featured on the cover of the Sonicbids website homepage for a month. Sonicbids is a popular site bands use to create a free online electronic press kit.

Press Kit

Since we have been together we have been building our band press kit that now includes over 150 live performances, photos, and over 30 press write ups and features,. Along with some great HD live videos and our catalog of recorded original music thus far. 

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